čtvrtek 13. dubna 2017

emotional casualties

I've got these two brainstorming casualties. No real, deep, important thought was put into them. I just start with this when I'm cornered in a conversation with little Cali.

cause you're not alone
i know you're not alone 
i've got just empty tones 
on my fucking telephone

and if you say so, okay 
i should let you sail away 
but we'll catch the northern wave, that will drown us both together 
and if we're there, i don't care 
you are blinded with despair 
what we say is never fair, we're like oceans, like the weather

i am staring into nowhere, that's the poetry i spit, 
about nowhere, going nowhere, hey, let's get me over with 
it has been over thirty minutes 
in this silence, in this abyss 
so long ago i should have left, 
i could have spared you all this shit 
all this random nonsense that i carry on my lips 
since i can't speak, 
i just type it down 
i wonder where this carries me 
once there's no way out of misery 
we love 
i don't need to breath, my love 
fuck love 
we give it too much sense 
too much space 
all i'm left with is a sorry 
sorry for them stupid lines 
sorry for what you have been through 
sorry for no warning signs 
sorry that i'm who i am 
and sorry that we're here again 
well, i know you will be back 
and i'll be back 
we're fucking stuck 
on a deadpoint 
and here we live and maintain dreams 
it's even harder than it seems 
on that I swear i will be back 
when you are back 
that's what i am sorry for 
that I'll be back, no matter what 
i'll be back like countless times before 
to stand beside you when they're gone 
when you're alone 
and vulnerable 
I'll be back and try to make it better 
take you in, paint you a letter 
in norwegian 
I'll be back and make it worse 
just by the plain fact 
of being back 
catch you in discourse 
and we'll be here again 
I'm just a fucker but I swear 
there's just good intentions in my hair 
and good intentions in my eyes 
i'm not the type to say goodbye 
hell i don't want to say goodbye 
all i have is words a
ll i bring is shame 
and when you fall asleep tonight 
i'll be awake, sending plasters on your pain

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